Tevatron Accelerator Studies Workshop

January 13-14, 2010



Tevatron Collider Run 2 will likely end in October 2011.  The Fermilab Directorate is considering an experimental accelerator physics program for the Tevatron including occasional time during the ongoing collider operation and a dedicated period in fall 2011/winter 2012.

This workshop is meant to gauge interest from the accelerator community and to provide input for a management decision whether or not to plan such a program.

We expect the agenda to have a few prepared talks and plenty of discussion time based on proposed study topics. Potential topics include, but are certainly not limited to: beam-beam compensation, beam collimation (crystals, hollow e-beam), electron cloud generation and mitigation, tests of new instrumentation.

Please attend and/or submit your ideas.

Agenda with presentation slides are available on the Fermilab Indico server.

 Introductory slides shown at LARP CM13 and at BNL APEX 09


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Workshop Organizers

Ron Moore (FNAL)

Wolfram Fischer (BNL)

Tom Markiewicz (SLAC)

Frank Schmidt (CERN)

Cynthia Sazama (FNAL)

Suzanne Weber (FNAL)

Jean Guyer (FNAL)



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